Nixx Pix

About Me

I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland and love the diversity of wildlife here, it was my inspiration to start painting 11 years ago. I wanted to give something back to the animals for the pleasure they give us, and help raise awareness on some of the rarer species, especially orangutans. I love the hive of activity that is the Great Barrier Reef and base a lot of my underwater paintings on it, which I use to show school children how to protect the environment.

I love animation, which you will notice when looking at my work, it keeps life fun and helps get the kids to better connect with the animals.I just love painting anything, I  do canvases and murals and teach workshops, school classes, and face painting, I even work for a paint company! Painting is such great fun for me and I hope you enjoy them too. To see some of my work just click on the photo gallery,  cheers, Nikki.


I also do dog training, behavioural issues, dog psychology (where the dog lies on the couch and tells you what a bitch their mother was, lol) and dog minding on the Gold Coast.